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There was a feeling of disconnection and distance between people over the years of our latest pandemic. Isolation, loneliness and fear become a part of their everyday life. In December 2021, Brunch&Music emerged in Ovar, Portugal in an attempt to change that and start connecting people again.

Joana started to organize events centered around brunch where people could enjoy tasty food and listen to her original music that she had been composing also during the lockdown. This was also a good opportunity for people to support music and art as well as having a space where they could feel comfortable to ask questions about her music and the creative art of creating a song.

With sustainability and climate change on everyone's minds, Joana decided to offer only plant-based foods as she aims to be as zero-waste as possible in her events. To this end, she often collaborates with local organizations and small businesses.

In less than a year, Brunch&Music has already taken place in Portugal, Germany, New York, Scotland. These events connected people from all over the world; Portugal, North America, England, Ireland, Scotland, India, Russia, Brazil, France, Spain, Germany, and China.

So... what are you waiting for? Feel free to pop up at these events and start your Sunday in a different pleasant way!

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