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Improve your playing and quality of life! Live pain-free!

Joana is offering some online stretching sessions for musicians (and for everyone that would like to improve their posture and quality of life) every week, at different timetables. The days and times of these sessions change every month but they are announced at her social media (Instagram, or Facebook) or on monthly newsletter (subscribe here if you like - it is free!). You can also write an email asking about the schedule for the month or fill the contact form here.

You will receive an email or message with the Zoom Link to attend these sessions and Joana's Paypal or Iban (or MBway) where you can 'pay what you want'  to attend all the sessions you would like to during that month (the amount suggested is between $10 to $60 per month).




Let's get rid of those annoying pains together!



Apply here! :) 

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