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Enjoy a private dinner with live music at your place. An unique and customized experience for you and your loved one(s). A 3 course plantbased dinner with a pairing wine and an intimist violin performance during dessert time - what a lovely way of spending your evening...

In this service, you will be able to spend a different evening at your house/flat. You will be provided with a tasty , organic and high quality 3 course dinner. You can choose from the recipes below (if you have any allergy or would like to make any changes, please get in tuch or make a request and we will see if it is possible to adapt the recipes). 

There will be also provided a bottle or two of wine to pair the food and during dessert time Joana will be performing some music only for you and your guest(s). Any question, please get in touch at the Contact form or check the FAQ's of this event.



Choose 1 for each moment...


      1. Appetizer:

   a) Mushrooms à bulhão pato (Portuguese inspired recipe);

   b) Hummus trio (classic, turmeric, beetroot) with sourdough bread and veggie sticks;

   c) Portuguese style couvert: marinated olives, EVOO, tofu cream cheese, sourdough bread.

      2. Main Course:

   a) Creamy beetroot risotto with miso mushrooms in a bed of wild rocket;

   b) Portuguese style feijoada (bean stew with a twist) with a parsley onion spaghetti;

   c) Veggie pataniscas (pastries) with bean rice.

      3. Dessert:

   a) Dark chocolate tofu mousse (sugar free);

   b) Red apples crispy crumble;

   c) Fruit salad with a lemon and chocolate drizzle.


Bon Appétit!


"My wife and I were welcomed into Joana's home in Berlin for a wonderful dinner and a personal mini-concert.  It was a fantastic evening filled with good food and good music. In no time at all, we fell in love with Joana and her music. She is extremely talented and her personality is so bubbly you can't help but have a great time. 

Highly, highly recommend!"

Bill, USA.

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