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Need any violin part for your music?  

Get in touch with Joana in case you would like her to collaborate with you and be part of your music, whatever the musical style is. She can record remotely and send the audio file to you. She is currently based in Porto (Portugal) but she also travels a lot so... perhaps you can meet and record in person in another city or country. 


Via Instagram: @the.tiny.musician 

Via email:

Via whatsapp: +351 912324506

Some previous collaborations:

Storm, The Stellar Anderson Project 

Breathe,The Stellar Anderson Project

Free,The Stellar Anderson Project

Forest of Dreams, The Stellar Anderson Project

Goodbye, The Stellar Anderson Project

Holding Pattern, The Composer's Orchestra Berlin


Pantelleria, Bald Chewbacca

Mother Natures Sons, MDMan 

Impossible, Pink Assets

Breaking Through Sonko Music

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