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Joana Carvalhas is being developing a teaching career for the past years, preparing her violin students for different types of exams, auditions or just sharing the magic of music in our society. More than technique and accuracy, she also explores some improvisation concepts with the students and focuses on the most natural and organic way of playing the violin. 

* In Person, One-On-One Lessons

Joana offers one-on-one violin instruction currently in Porto (Portugal). Understanding that each person has a unique way of learning helps her instruction being adapted to each student's particular personality. More than only improving their skills as violinists/musicians, she encourages her students to develop their character as individuals.

* Online, One-On-One Lessons

Not in Porto but still interested in taking your playing to the next level? Why not try a free 30min online lesson?

But what makes studying with Joana different from other online platforms? Well, the majority of the online sites present pre-recorded tutorials, which are a good starting point but do not provide specific instruction for you or for your playing. The online lessons that Joana provides are live what means that you can get immediate feedback and tips to improve and achive your goals! Her different approach of teaching the violin by listening to your body, finding the most natural and comfortable way of playing and the improvisation part can make the experience of learning an instrument much more pleasant and exciting.

Have any questions? Please ask away on the Contact page. 

"Joana is simply super! I was able to learn the violin  from scratch as well as to learn the complex music theory. The communication is relaxed and informal and you can also bring in your own suggestions for new pieces without difficulty. She finds exactly the right learning pace, is patient and reliable. I can highly recommend!"

Bárbara, Portugal.

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